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Customized Music

for Your Next Production.


For the love of music. Jajuni Productions specializes in creating music with artists - singers, filmmakers, rappers, dancers - we work with you to create unique products that put you in the "mix.”


About Jajuni


 Jajuni Production was founded in the Bay area by Rick Rivera. Following his musical passion, Rick moved to LA in the mid 2000’s to make his way into the heart of production. Jajuni’s Mission Statement is, “Uplifting the world through music” which was inspired by his diverse music sessions.

Rick’s musical roots stem from Puerto Rico, as his first-generation father taught him to play guitar at age 6 and he would perform at family functions playing Jibaro music (Puerto Rican Country music). By the age of 10, Rick had a keyboard and started creating his own songs.

Some of Rick’s musical inspirations throughout his lifetime are: Hector Lavoe, Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind & Fire, Prince, Danny Elfman, etc.


Jajuni Production studio is in Burbank, CA. We come with over 30 years of experience in music production dating back to K-Lou Records representing artists such as Master P and Lil Italy.

Our studio setup provides a comfortable, ‘at-home’ ambiance which allows the artist to feel at ease while recording. We have been told time and again, we make it easy to laugh while taking care of business and inspiring the inner artist to produce. In the studio, you may be accompanied by Jajuni’s mascots, Derka and Bentley. These dogs have such a chill disposition.  They are happy to lay quietly while watching you create your next masterpiece, but don’t worry ~ if you prefer them to not be in the room, they won’t take it personal. They will gladly guard the front door ensuring everyone is safe.

Jajuni specializes in music production, vocal recording, audio mixing, ADR recording, film composing, film scoring and more.